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The Australian River Biotope

Creating a biotope aquarium is nothing else than creating an environment resembling the wild one from a specific area of the world. Today we want to show you how to set up an Australian river biotope aquarium which will reflect the lower reaches of Australia’s greatest rivers! Let’s start with the substrate and conditions in […]

Say hello to Banana plant!

If you’re looking for an exotic accent to your aquarium, the plant we present today, will surely bring it to your tank. Let’s see some facts about Nymphoides aquatica, commonly known in aquaristics as the Banana plant or Banana lily! In nature, Banana plant occurs in backwaters or slowly-flowing waters of the East coast of […]

Say hello to Alternanthera Reineckii

This small red plant is probably one of the easiest of all red plants to grow. It does not require much to get this plant going. Get the right conditions and you have an instant red plant in the aquarium. Like most aquatic plants being used for midground, Alternanthera Reineckii is a slow grower. It […]