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Happy Easter, Aquascapers! 🐰🐤
Let`s celebrate the season of renewal and growth by appreciating the beauty you bring to the world with your stunning aquascapes. Your dedication and creativity inspire us every day. 💚
As your trusted provider of high-quality CO2 products, we`re here to support you in achieving even greater success in your tanks. Let`s keep pushing the boundaries of what`s possible! 👌
May this Easter bring you peace, joy, and a renewed sense of energy to create even more amazing aquascapes. Thank you for being a part of our family. 🌿🐠
Happy Easter! 🐔🥰🌻
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We`re thrilled to work with the fantastic team at Coral Reef Aquarium on Paisley Rd West - a family-run business operating in Glasgow for years!
This partnership means our Scottish aquascapers can purchase our CO2 regulators and accessories range while shopping for all their aquascaping materials in one place.

So, if you`re looking for quality products from us, head down to this store today and check out all they offer!

They are at 34-36 Paisley Rd W, Glasgow G51 1LB.

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House plants and aquascapes! They go so well together, as demonstrated perfectly in this photo recently shared by our friend and CO2 artist Jordan Stirrat.

Check out more at @jordanstirrat

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Today is World Aquarium Day 2023 - A day for fish keepers, aquascapers and anybody who loves their aquarium to celebrate everything to do with this beautiful hobby.

What does an aquarium mean to you? Who gave you your first fish tank? Share it all today...

Here at CO2Art, we love planted aquariums, so why not share your best aquascape with us?


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This has to be, by far, without a shadow of a doubt, the best work this aquascaper has produced to date. Would you agree?

🔴Created by @sid.scapes
🟢Powered by @CO2Art_UK Pro Elite Series Dual Stage Regulator

🌱Aquascaping - Unlock your creativity.

🇬🇧 Discover more via the link in our bio.

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Anybody following the UK aquascaping hobby in the last 12 months will know the team at Horizon Aquatics. Our most northerly stockists have been smashing it when promoting the hobby. With an out-of-this-world aquascape gallery filled with creations from the top scapers in the country, a visit to Horizon Aquatics will inspire you and equip you with everything you need to create your underwater obsession.

"Aquascape specialist store in the UK since 2019. We have an extensive gallery in store for inspiration, loaded with all our favourite equipment. We stock quality brands, plants, and a variety of fish and shrimp."

📍Leaside, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 6HX
📲01325 311233

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It may be `Valentine`s Day`, but here at CO2Art, it is still Top-Down-Tuesday`, which means we want to see all your aquariums from the best view in the room.

Share your aquarium and tag @co2art_uk along with #topdowntuesday, and you could feature it next week.

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As we continue highlighting our fabulous UK stockists, we want to showcase Aquarium Gardens in Huntingdon.
Aquarium Gardens is your one-stop destination for creating stunning aquascapes! Since 2014, we`ve been helping passionate aquatic enthusiasts build beautiful aquariums with everything they need - tanks, lighting and CO2 equipment, and abundant lush plants.
Why wait? Visit Aquarium Gardens today and turn your ideas into a reality.

"For superb plant growth, we stock a range of CO2 Equipment. CO2 is the backbone of aquatic plant growth which can be limited in an enclosed aquarium environment. It is therefore advisable to supplement CO2 in the aquarium to support healthy plant growth."

Are you a retailer? Get in touch today and discover how you can become a CO2Art partner. Enquire via DM or Trade@co2art.co.uk


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It`s Tuesday, so let`s not forget what we do on days like today.

We want to celebrate our aquariums from every angle, but today it`s all about that view from the top.

Take this shot from our friend @tscape_, for example, you can see his lush scape from three different angles and we just love it.

What are you seeing from your view at the top today? Share a photo with us, tag @co2art_uk and #topdowntuesday and we could feature your setup next week.

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Unlock a world of incredible aquatic adventure when you shop locally for all your aquarium needs! With our products available in some of the UK`s most stunning fish stores, it`s easy to find exactly what you`re looking for and support local businesses. Your aquascape will thank (and wow) you - so explore today!

Scaped Nature has been serving aquascapers in Norwich since 2019, offering a unique combination of different planted creations.

"Turn every room into a living room with aquascaping, planted aquariums, terrariums, wabi kusa, moss".


Find your local stockist via the link in our bio.

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Make your Tuesday something to look forward to by taking an aerial view of your aquarium! This week, be inspired by this fantastic shot @jackfryerscapes captured from above. Jump in on the fun and share a photo using the hashtag #topdowntuesday - you could get featured next week by tagging us at @co2art_uk ...

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You can find our products in some of the most incredible aquatic stores across the UK - and we couldn`t be more proud! Investing your time locally when shopping for aquarium goods benefits our fabulous stockists and makes owning any aquarium much better. Start connecting with your local fish shop today; you won`t regret it.

Riverwood Aquatics Limited aims to provide the aquarist with exceptional products which make our hobby more rewarding. We want everyone to be more successful with their aquarium or pond and strive to help wherever we can.

We`re true hobbyists and passionate about everything from fish, plants, coral and everything in between.

Based in Assington in the beautiful Suffolk countryside by Pete Cookson back in 2019, Riverwood Aquatics was started to create a more immersed customer experience and an authentic slice of nature inside an Aquarium or Terrarium.


Find your local store via the link in our bio.

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Comments like this make our day. CO2 injection should be accessible to everybody and not reserved for only the most experienced and enthusiastic aquarists. 🤓

With CO2Art, you can enjoy the full benefit of CO2 injection and your planted tank for years to come. Our 10-year warranty comes standard with each regulator, and our passionate support team is available 24/7 to help ensure that all of our customers - even those using preloved products - are getting every bit out of their experience.

🗣️Ask your local aquatic store about partnering up with CO2Art now!

🤝If you`re a UK retailer interested in joining forces with us, DM us today!

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CO2Art has just undergone a transformation. We are so excited to announce that our products can now be purchased exclusively in your local aquatic shop! Our website offers fantastic support, helpful articles, product information and news updates. But if you want to get your hands on the award-winning Pro SE regulator (or any of our other great items), use our store locator for directions - easy!

And remember: retailers can also contact us directly via DM for stocking details. So let`s dive into more underwater fun together today with CO2 Art!

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Well, we did it! We won the PFK reader`s vote. What a start to 2023.

"We are immensely thankful to the UK aquatic plant enthusiasts for their fantastic support in voting for our regulator. Words cannot express how proud we feel at receiving this esteemed award, which is a testament to the dedication and passion you all have put into creating a vibrant community around us. Thank you!"

If you are a UK retailer and would like to discuss stocking any of our products, drop us a message and our UK sales representative will be happy to help.

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🤔Have you ever encountered a problem with your aquarium and been ill-equipped to resolve it in time? Our short blog article, `Aquarium first aid kit,` is just for you. 🚑

Find it on our website, along with many other helpful articles⬆️

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As 2022 comes to an end for everyone at CO2 Art, we just want to thank you all for your support and for making us a part of your aquascaping journey.
Looking forward to 2023, we are excited at the thought of all your new aquascapes and everything else that the next 12 months have in store for us.

Happy New Year Aquascapers

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On this wonderful Christmas, we`d like to extend our greatest appreciation and warmest wishes to all of our friends in the UK! Your continuous presence has made this hobby community a delightful place full of joy. Let us join together today and in the New Year ahead with blessings for good fortune and harmony throughout.

#christmas2022 #bestwishes #co2art #thankyou #unitedkingdom #merrychristmas

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Setting up our Pro SE regulator has never looked better.

Thank you, @jk_aqua_studio

#ASMR #aquascaping #CO2Art

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Today aquascapers are spoiled for choice when selecting aquatic plants for their aquariums. Despite the vast amount to choose from, we all have our favourites.

What is your favourite aquatic plant species?
#co2art #aquascaping #aquaticplants #underwaterart #co2art

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