Frozen fish food is often a topic of discussion among aquarium hobbyists. Some claim that fish get sick because of frozen fish food, while other feeders cannot imagine feeding without this high-protein food.

It is best to look at the foods in general and see where the negative opinions are coming from?

First of all, fish are most often fed food that should not be intended for them. The leading foods are bloodworm and tubifex. These are difficult to digest and, additionally, they come from dirty and often polluted waters. Frequent feeding with these foods can actually cause a number of diseases, such as inflammation of the digestive system in our fish.

That is why we present foods available on the market and describe their properties and purpose.

Frozen bloodworms

Very caloric and difficult to digest for fish. Mainly obtained from silted and polluted waters. Poorly rinse out, it can spread diseases and parasites. Feed only when it is well-rinsed and comes from a reliable source.

frozen bloodworms


Fish fed with it grow the fastest. Freezing kills any parasites on the tubifex that are dangerous for fish. High-caloric, fat-rich food of natural origin for all aquarium fish. Corydoras spawning stimulator. However, it should be rinsed thoroughly before serving and uneaten food should be removed because it contaminates the water quickly.


Brine shrimp

The adult form of the frozen brine shrimp causes better coloring and degreasing. Basic food with high protein content for all aquarium fish. It does not pollute the water and is well absorbed by animals. It is especially used in marine aquariums. Rich in protein, improves the condition and color of fish.

brine shrimp


Natural and rich in nutrition frozen food for the fry of most fish. Rich in protein, carbohydrates, fats and mineral salts therefore it can be used for many tropical fish. It has a positive effect on coloration. It causes faster fry growth and is beneficial for immune system.


Universal and nourishing food for fish. It contains a lot of proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. Perfect for fish from the top and middle part of the aquarium.


Perfect for tropical fish reaching small sizes and adolescent cichlids and carps. Basic food of natural origin for all aquarium fish. It contains many valuable nutrients. It improves the condition and supports the digestion of fish.


High-protein, caloric natural food. Indispensable especially in marine aquariums for marine fish. Fish fed with it enjoy good health and a willingness to breed.

Frozen krill

Complete food recommended especially for larger fish. It stimulates digestive processes and has a positive effect on coloration.

Red plancton

Complementary food for all fish. Especially recommended for larger fry and smaller fish species. Rich in mineral salts. It has a positive effect on digestion and coloration.


As you can see, among the wide range of frozen foods there are ones with many benefits for your tank inhabitants while other ones are heavy to digest. While buying the frozen fish food, don’t trust special offers. Rely on well known brands which show on the label what is exactly inside. Search for frozen food enriched with spirulina or vitamins supporting your live stock immune system. They will surely reward you with long and happy life 🙂

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