Author: CO2Art Experts

Fish species for a Nano Aquarium

Recently nano aquariums (up to 30 liters) are becoming very popular. We can find a place for them in practically every apartment, you can create a real room decoration, and they are also a perfect home for shrimps. However, aquarists like fish the most. We present species that can be successfully bred in such a small aquarium.

Top tips to keep your aquarium clean

If you have an aquarium, it is very important that you are able to keep it clean at all times. With so much high quality equipment on the market, you will want to include things such as a co2 diffuser and a co2 regulator in your equipment collection. However, there are several tips which will help you to keep your aquarium clean, and this blog will help you to think of several of them.

Say hello to Christmas Moss!

Do we have any fans of moss in the planted tank here? In our opinion moss is a beautiful element of arrangement in every aquarium. It gives the tank some mysterious, forest atmosphere. We know it’s a few weeks after Christmas now but let’s take a closer look at Christmas moss!

Limpets in the aquarium

Have you ever had limpets in your tank? They usually occur in saltwater setups, however there are freshwater limpets that can be found in freshwater tanks. Although one hobbyists claim that they are the must-have of the cleaning crew, others try to get rid of them as soon as possible. This case is similar to snails- they are beneficial for the underwater ecosystem but the snail overpopulation can easily overtake the tank, spoiling its aesthetic look.

How to transport aquarium fish?

There comes a moment when you implement your own aquarium and fish plan, you are already in the store and you buy the future inhabitants of a beautiful fish tank and now the challenge arises – how to bring them safely home? You will also have to face a similar task if you ever move the fish tank, or worse still, you move home. The transport of fish is a very important issue, because a few mistakes may cause them health problems or even death.

Say hello to Monte Carlo!

This plant quickly became a staple of the aquascaping hobby ever since its availability to the public back in the 2000’s. Its growth pattern is very similar to the very popular Hemianthus Callitrichoides yet unlike Hemianthus Callitrichoides Monte Carlo is more adaptable. This allowed novice aquascapers success with this plant where they almost certainly would fail with the more demanding Hemianthus Callitrichoides.