This plant quickly became a staple of the aquascaping hobby ever since its availability to the public back in the 2000’s. Its growth pattern is very similar to the very popular Hemianthus Callitrichoides yet unlike Hemianthus Callitrichoides Monte Carlo is more adaptable. This allowed novice aquascapers success with this plant where they almost certainly would fail with the more demanding Hemianthus Callitrichoides.


Unlike most carpeting plants, Monte Carlo can thrive under medium lighting. Where most carpeting plants would already be reaching upwards Monte Carlo would still struggle to crawl and cover the ground. It can tolerate intense lighting as well though. Its ability to thrive in lower lighting means that Monte Carlo can replace Hemianthus Callictrichiodes or Glossostigma in a design intended for medium-lit aquariums such as Jungle Type aquascapers or Nature style aquascapes. 


Monte Carlo does need CO2 supplementation to thrive and grow fast. However, it doesn’t require a lot of it, especially if placed in medium-lit aquariums. Like most aquatic plants, nutrient and Co2 consumption is dependent on the light and temperature it receives. The brighter the lighting, the faster the plant’s metabolism becomes and with this, the need for more CO2 and more nutrients goes up as well. 

Water Parameters

Monte Carlo appreciates a soft, slightly acidic aquarium. Keep Monte Carlo in water with TDS of 80-150. CO2 becomes a little bit difficult to dissolve in waters with high TDS and/or Hard Water. Keep water temperature anywhere within the range of 20-28 degrees Celsius. 

Planting and placement

Monte Carlo is primarily a foreground plant, best placed in the front of the tank to cover all the spaces and gaps that do not have plants or hardscape. More recently, a new trend is becoming popular which involves gluing Monte Carlo to rock or driftwood. it can survive and in actual fact thrive without substrate. Nowadays many award-winning aquascapers have created wonderful displays in which the Monte Carlo can be seen dangling from overhanging hardscape. Maintenance

This plant is a fast grower and it requires regulator dosing of nutrients. It requires sufficient amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium as well as the micro-nutrients. A strict dosing regimen must be followed for it to thrive. 

With the proper care, Monte Carlo will produce a thick, lush green carpet. Herein lies the problem, if allowed to grow thicker than an inch the top growth will completely block the undergrowth from light. This problem is not noticeable until the plant is trimmed heavily. Yellow patches are then revealed. Care must be given not to trim too much. 

Another problem with allowing this plant to grow very thick is that the plant could start to float since the undergrowth, including the roots, will be dead. There would be nothing to anchor the whole carpet plant to the substrate. To prevent the death of the undergrowth and the problems that go with it, regular trimming must be a part of maintenance. 

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