Do we have any fans of moss in the planted tank here? In our opinion moss is a beautiful element of arrangement in every aquarium. It gives the tank some mysterious, forest atmosphere. We know it’s  a few weeks after Christmas now but let’s take a closer look at Christmas moss!

This moss species grows up to 3 cm. It resembles a conifer (a Christmas tree)  hence its name.


Plant small fragments of moss thallus at a slight distance from each other with a thread, fishing line or glue to the surface of stones and roots. Once moss has grown, it will form a dense formation.


Moss should be trimmed with sharp scissors the shortest the better. It will grow in even bigger form after a few days.

CO2 injection

This moss doesn’t need a large amount of carbon dioxide to grow well although such a support will surely intensify its healthy growth and coloration. Take a look at our PRO-SE Dual Stage Regulator HERE  that will surely help you to control the level of carbon dioxide injected to your underwater world!

Christmas moss is quite resistant to different water temperatures but will grow best in temperatures between 20-27 Celsius degrees.


Lighting should be on the medium level, about 0,5W/l. The strongest the light is, the more algae is likely to grow.

All mosses are great plants for beginners as well as for experienced aquascapers. If you want to learn more about different species of mosses or how to set up a mossarium, click HERE  to read more.

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