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Improving Your Home Environment with an Aquarium

With many of us now staying at home to stay safe, it’s worth thinking about the environment we’re living in and how it is affecting our quality of life during this uncertain time. Keeping up a routine is one of the most important things we can be doing when discovering our new normal, and there are ways for us to improve our home environment too.

Potassium and magnesium- important elements for plant growth

Growing aquarium plants seems more difficult than keeping fish alone. In order to create an underwater botanical garden from an aquarium, you need a little experience, and at the same time experimenting with greenery. However, getting lush vegetation is possible. The key is to create the right environment and meet the main needs of the plants. It happens, however, that problems arise even in people who are familiar with the topic.

North American Biotope Aquarium

There is something very special about the biotope aquarium. Bringing together a selection of native plants, natural hardscape and freshwater livestock from one specific location in nature creates something beautiful. In this article, we take a look at a North American biotope setup.

In vitro aquarium plants

What exactly are in vitro plants? Why are in vitro aquarium plants are becoming a popular site in many local fish stores worldwide. They make a great alternative to traditionally cultivated plants typically sold in baskets filled with mineral wool. Why are sellers and aquascapers finding In-vitro plants more appealing? What is their phenomenon?