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Say hello to Echinodorus Tenellus (Red)

There is a great confusion on the internet between Echinodorus Tenellus and Helanthium Tenellum. Both names do refer to the same plant. There is also a great deal of confusion between the broad version which is commonly known as the pygmy chain sword and the reddish, thinner variety of the same name. The plant being […]

Using bacteria to establish a new aquarium

Many products on the market allow us to speed up our aquarium’s start-up time and cycle period. Some fishkeepers rely on these bacteria products for all aquariums, yet some fishkeepers remain steadfast and resist the temptation to rush things. Read on to find out how these products work, when to use them and the benefits of using live bacteria in your aquarium.

Best plants to create a lawn in your aquarium

Various species of aquatic grasses are available for sale. First of all, it is worth choosing undemanding aquarium plants for the lawn, e.g. Vallisneria, dwarf hairgrass, Brazilian micro sword. The best plant for a lawn in an aquarium is a relative term, it is worth using 2-3 different species (or varieties), especially in larger tanks. Of course, not in order to  combine them together, but to plant in different parts of the aquarium.

Aquarium fish – the all time classics

Over the years, the fish-keeping world has seen many different species of exciting fish. We have been discovering new species of freshwater fish and adding them to our aquariums for what seems like forever. Still, within the abundance of freshwater fish, some species have become almost iconic over the years. Read on to discover the most iconic freshwater fish and why we love them.

Freshwater Shrimp

Ever thought about keeping something different from your aquarium fish but find it a little overwhelming? Don’t worry, this article is just for you. Our friend Callum has put together all the information you need to get the most out of your new shrimplets.

Say hello to Anubias Barteri Var. Nana

Nothing beats Anubias when it comes to beauty and ease of care. It is all about the leaves for this plant. Almost all Anubias are very easy to care for and Anubias Barteri Var. Nana is no exception. This variety though is significantly smaller than Anubias Barteri. Maximum leaf size would just be around 1.5-3 inches depending on light and nutrient conditions in the tank. This plant is a very slow grower, taking 1-2 weeks to grow 1 full leaf but the wait is very much well worth it.