Nothing beats Anubias when it comes to beauty and ease of care. It is all about the leaves for this plant. Almost all Anubias are very easy to care for and Anubias Barteri Var. Nana is no exception. This variety though is significantly smaller than Anubias Barteri. Maximum leaf size would just be around 1.5-3 inches depending on light and nutrient conditions in the tank. This plant is a very slow grower, taking 1-2 weeks to grow 1 full leaf but the wait is very much well worth it. 


Anubias Barteri Var. Nana grows a dark green foliage when kept in low light conditions and it can grow lighter colored leaves and more compact growth if provided brighter lighting. Be careful in putting them under too much light though as these plants are very susceptible to algae on its leaves. It is best to plant Anubias Barteri Var. Nana under low lit or medium lit aquariums. 

CO2 injection

Even low-tech plants can benefit with a little CO2 in the water. CO2 supplementation is definitely not necessary for this plant especially when kept under low light. Just to prevent any CO2 related problems, it is highly advisable to provide CO2 should the plant be placed under brighter conditions. 

Water Parameters

Anubias will tolerate a wide range of water parameters. It is very difficult to kill this plant. To keep the leaves looking perfect though refrain from putting Anubias in hard water. Too much dissolved minerals in your water will result in Anubias having calcium deposits on its leaves. This is very unsightly. It would be best to strive for leaves free of blemishes or damages. Keep Anubias in temperatures of 25-28 degrees Celsius. For various reasons which will not be discussed here, keeping aquatic plants under these temperatures will hgelp prevent a number of problems later on. 

Planting and Position in the Aquarium

All Anubias are rhizomatous. Do not plant them in substrate as they will die if their rhizomes get covered. You can glue or tie these plants on rocks or driftwood. This variety will look best when planted on rocks or driftwood. This variety will look best when planted in front or middle portion of the aquarium. They would look perfectas accents to the scape or as clumps placed to occupy the middle portion of the design. 

This variety can be used as foliage to a tree in your diorama aquascape as well. Be careful with using glue though as getting some on Anubias’ leaves will be hard to remove. 

Trimming and Maintenance:

This cannot be emphasized enough: Each leaf of an Anubias is precious. Do not trim this like any other stem plant. Maintenance for this plant will merely involve removing older, damaged or yellowing leaves. Should you decided to thin out the Anubias clump, do not start by cutting the main shoot. Anubias do not readily throw out new shoot. If they do, it will take weeks not days. Anubias when healthy will grow grow several side shoots though. Start by cutting these and making it into a new plant. 

Anubias is susceptible to rot. There is no easy medication for this disease which usually presents itself if the tank is neglected. Anubias though is not difficult to please. Just keep the water parameters within range and keep up with the water changes and this plant will reward you with a very stunning aquarium. 

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