Have you ever wondered how to effectively and professionally catch fish from an aquarium?

If you are a longtime fan of aquariums, a passionate aquarist, or maybe you’re just a beginner and this is your first tank; sometimes there comes a time when you need to catch one or more fish from the tank. There can be many reasons for catching fish, ranging from the fact that you just want to clean up the aquarium well, or for example change the decoration, or you would like to move the fish to a new tank. Any such reason, unfortunately, requires catching the fish.

It would seem that this is a simple matter and it does not need more detail. However, sometimes it takes more practice and some experience and skill to make the catching of fish not a forever mission, but to be a quick and effective process.

Fast and agile fish, seeing an unusual object being put into the aquarium and trying to chase them, become panicked and by making agile maneuvers, they try to avoid being caught.

If you don’t feel comfortable with this topic, there are companies that can help you physically but remember that practice makes perfect and with only a few tips this activity won’t be tough for you anymore.

Select the appropriate net

Suitable nets are used to catch fish from the aquarium. However, not all nets are the same, so make sure you have the correct net to catch the fish you want  before proceeding. Inspect the condition and quality of the net for any tears or holes  through which the caught fish could escape. Choose a slightly larger aquarium net, which will allow you to catch fish more easily.

When you plan to catch fry or shrimp, try to use a very fine net to prevent them escaping when caught. If, on the other hand, you want to catch larger fish such as cichlids or irises, which are fast and very maneuverable, a net with larger mesh or more rigid will be a better choice, which will also translate into less resistance in the water, thanks to which you will be able to maneuver more agile and faster.

How to catch fish?

If you have a small tank, catching can be quite convenient and quick. The matter is much more difficult when you purchased a large custom-sized aquarium and it is also located in a place where it is difficult to access the inside and maneuver the net. In such a situation, you can always use the help of professionals who will catch the fish for you but if you decide to try to catch fish yourself and you are already equipped with the appropriate net, you can start working. Start with the right technique, which can significantly speed up the entire process. It is important to be calm, focused and set aside your free time so that nothing will disturb you. Remember that your every movement and the way you move your hand over the water is being watched by the fish, and the fish will react violently to any sudden movement.

Try not to lean too far over the aquarium as the fish may perceive this as a danger and see you as a threat to them.

Method 1

It is good to position the net with a slow movement towards one corner of the aquarium, with the edge of the net touching the glass on the one hand, and leave an open space on the other for the fish to swim in.

Method 2

You can also try the technique of driving the fish gently towards the net with the other hand, which should remain practically stationary during this time, and all the work is done by the other hand, gently nudging the fish towards the net. When the fish enters the net, with the other edge that was not touching the glass and where there was a gap for the fish to enter, quickly press against the surface of the glass to cut off the escape path. Now you can gently pull the net out of the water vertically upwards, all the time keeping the edges adjacent to the glass for as long as possible. Do not twist the net or make unnecessary movements with it, so as not to increase the stress of the caught fish.

Try to get the fish you catch back into the water as soon as possible. So, before you start the process of catching fish, prepare a place where you can transfer the caught fish.

In a situation where you have problems maneuvering in the aquarium, you may want to consider temporarily removing some ornaments, such as roots, which your net may also catch. After you’ve caught the fish, you can put the decorations back in the tank. 

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