As we all know a fish tank is not only a home for animals. Tropical aquariums are so much more than that. An aquarium can and should be a great addition to the aesthetics in our home or office, adding natural features as if having a garden indoors. Spend time exploring the perfect fish tank ornaments that suit your aquarium and its surroundings is our advice. Such a well-arranged aquarium with a richly equipped interior, vegetation, water creatures and a collection of the perfect aquarium ornaments, is a great, natural feature that can amaze with rich colour and an amazing atmosphere.

In our decorations categories we would like to describe some tank natural ornaments ideas.

Nobody can deny the beauty of an underwater garden.

Aquarium plants

Using live plants to decorate a fish tank is obviously our favourite method. For the best results, it’s good to choose plants with different features in contrast to your fish. Plants are also a perfect way to fill aquarium space and enhance the environment for your fish. Creating your very own aquarium garden also filters out impurities the water and a great hiding place for many aquatic animals. There is wide range of plants to choose, from rich colour to flowering plants which can catch the viewer’s eye. Simply search some local or online shop to find the right plants for your aquarium.

The correct choice of hardscape can make a display special.

Stones, rocks & wood

This type of aquarium decorations is very beneficial. Firstly, these are natural and can recreate the natural surroundings of most environments. Your fish will also appreciate more exciting and classic range of places to hide between rocks and wood ornaments. This can also apply to saltwater aquariums. Simply add some corals, some live stock and it will all look amazing. However, as always there are pros and cons.

You need to be aware that we have two rocks categories. The first one will lower pH and soften water ( sandstone and basalt). The second of our categories will increase pH and harden water in your tank (lace rock).

Using pieces of wood as fish tank ornaments can change all aquarium style completely. They range from dense bog wood to narrow twisted branches. A little advice when adding wood is to let them soak in a bucket of water prior to adding them to your aquarium. Almost all wood.although durable, will decompose over time and during this process, they release a tannin which, although harmless, will turn your water a dark brown colour. While some fishkeepers want this natural looking water colour, it may not be what you are wanting. By allowing these tannins to release prior to adding the wood to your aquarium, you can reduce the effect. Another method if reducing the tannin is to add some charcoal to your filter media basket. Charcoal is very effective at clearing water.Artificial decorations

Some novelty ornaments are fun for kids

You can find plenty of artificial aquarium decorations in the accessories section of every pet shop. Plastic ornaments are made of various types of materials and if in high quality it can really catch viewer’s eye and amazed anyone. It is also a good solution for tanks where live stock cannot be grown because e.g. can be eaten by fish. Artificial decoration can last for longer and are easy to clean, that is why many people decide to buy them.

Artificial aquarium ornaments can be more than fake plants. If you are looking for something a little different, you can always take a look at the novelty accessories where you will see anything from treasure chests to a sunken ocean liner and even a shopping basket to replicate that local pond look. This page of the aquarium decor catalogue caters for lots of aquarium styles from rock and moss, to fully planted to bright glowing corals. For advice on what each ornament is composed of, visit the manufacturers web page.

Need advice on what to get?

Don’t worry if your feeling confused and need more advice about what fish tank ornaments to get. Once you have decided on your tank inhabitants. With them in mind, you can decide on the best ornaments to go with your fish. Remember that a freshwater fish tank must have appropriately selected tank decorations and vegetation. Some additional advice is to try and create an aquarium using fish tank ornaments that is similar to their natural habitat offering plenty places to hide. If all conditions are fulfilled, we will certainly manage to create an aquarium everyone will admire. There is nothing better than a classic aquarium that features a collection of plants and a range of natural ornaments.

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