Aquatic flowering plants are definitely great ornament to planted tank. While it may seem unlikely you actually can find wide range of flowering aquatic plants. And as for all underwater plants the key is good maintenance in your fish tank.densely planted tank

How to choose the right aquarium plants?

Choosing aquarium plants in great condition may be challenging. Flowering aquarium plants can be even more challenging just because we want to admire our flowering aquarium plants for as long as possible. Some local stores or online stores sell already flowering plants. The fact that they already produce underwater blooms when they were sold doesn’t mean you’ll be able to make them bloom again in your planted tank. This is because, as with most other aquatics plants, flowering process is seasonal.

What is more, the fact that flowering plant has already produce flowers when it was sold doesn’t really mean that it will be able to produce flowers again in your fish tank.

In fact, most of the popular flowering aquarium plants will bloom if they have right conditions in your fish tank. Just remember to look for underwater flowering plants that are in good health, extra tip for you: the bigger the better. Be patient and dedicated, some of them are fast growing plant such as Banana lily plants or Aponogeton or slow growing plant such as Anubias plant or Amazon Sword plant. Give them extra care, as they are sensitive as fish. Stress can discourage our aquarium plants for flowering.

Light and nutrition

Brightness cause happiness – everyone knows that… Same thing with our flowering aquarium. The perfect amount of light is an issue and the key to have best flowering aquarium plants. Depends on aquatic plants needs try to dose light, however as a rule, you can use intense lighting for plants with dark green leaves. But be careful, because they can be burned, for this reason LED lighting is highly recommended.

To encourage produce underwater blooms you also need to make sure that your flowering plants are well-fed. Try a fish-safe liquid fertilizer to make sure they are getting all the necessary nutrients.

Types of flowering aquarium plants


Is is slow growing plant, which bloom with delicate white flowers. The white flowers can bloom above or below the waterline. The leaf blades vary in size and shape (ovate, elongated, almost triangular) depending on the species or variety. Anubias can produce flowers – the flower is greenish, flask-shaped. The phenomenon is not very common, but it does happen when water parameters are great. Aquarium plants such as Anubias are suitable for creating bonsai forms, they can be grown on the root.

That flowering plants are strong and hardy species, able to grow in a variety of fish tank environments. Great for beginners, as it is easy to grow, beneficially most fish will not eat Anubias plants. Anubias plants have low light requirements.


These aquatic plants grow tall and full, giving great place to hide for small fish.

This flowering plant has tiny flowers that blossom under water’s surface. They are various shades of green and rosette-shaped.

This aquatic plant is in slow growing plant category, which may require more patience and maintenance.

Hornwort require moderate lighting. It can be planted in substrate or left to float. This flowering aquarium plant needs a temperature around 60-85˚F with acidic to neutral pH.

That flowering aquarium plant works to improve water quality by using toxins and waste within the water as fuel for plants grow.

Banana plant

A beautiful flowering aquarium plants with a majestic appearance with a very specific banana-shaped tubers at the base of the plant. These tubers are green and function to store nutrients for the plant. This aquatic plants have bright green leaves to reddish depending on the fish tank environment. These aquatic plants bloom small, with white flowers above the water surface in ideal water parameters.

This aquatic plant is in fast growing plant category, however is not the easy one to grow. This flowering aquarium plant needs a temperature around 60-80˚F with water parameters 6,6-6,8. PH. Banana plant also require intense lighting.

Water lilies / Peace Lilies

This flowering plant has dark green leaves blooming with white flowers which can bloom few times per year.

Water lilies are tropical plants that thrive in humidity, low light, and indoor temperatures. The plant’s roots will create a nice forest-like area for your fish to swim in.

Peace Lilies are often seen planted in betta bowls or tanks but are a beautiful, safe option for most fish. Peace Lilies do need to be kept away from drafts as they can be sensitive to temperature changes. Also, keep in mind that these plants can be toxic to cats and dogs, so it’s best to avoid them in homes with furry pets.


Flowering aquarium plants definitely require perfect water parameters to show their best. Therefore having the aquatic plant in full bloom is a pride for any aquascaper! We are keeping fingers crossed for your successful growth of your flowering aquarium plants! Don’t forget to share them thriving with #CO2Artcommunity in Social Media!

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