If you’re looking for a nice plant for the background of your planted aquarium, you will like this species. Thanks to its ornamental leaves, will be a cherry on top of the underwater ecosystem.

Limnophila aromatica is one of the nicest plants of the third plan. In nature, it occurs in South-West Asia. The stem is raised or lying, light green to light purple in color. Opposite leaves are ovate-lanceolate-shaped in the aquatic form, narrow-lanceolate shape in the underwater form. Leaf length can be from 2 to 6.5 cm, width from 1 to 2.5 cm. Color of the leaves can be light to olive green on top, also reddish underwater, and pale green on the underside. The plant releases usually single flowers, pink to purple in color. Generally, Limnophila aromatica is considered as semi-difficult to grow.


We plant Limnophila aromatica in a small group. Single cuttings should be placed in the ground with a pointed tweezers at a distance of 4-5 cm.


Trim the plant by cutting off the upper parts at a height of about 5 cm (or depending on the arrangement needs). The cut tops can be re-planted in the substrate, obtaining an even more compact group of plants. After trimming, the plant sprouts producing new stems with leaves from the cut site. Due to its slow growth, it does not require too frequent trimming.

CO2 injection

Fertilizing with carbon dioxide is recommended for its healthy and faster growth as normally its growth rate is very low. Check our offer of necessery equipment that will easily help you to maintain the best CO2 levels in your aquarium.


Suitable lighting is essencial for the colouration. The more intense the lighting, the more intense the colouration is. Together with CO2 injection, the plant will show its best red colour.


This species will do best in temperature between 20-25 Celsius degrees.


As you can see, growing  limnophila aromatica depends on the equipment and its intensity used. Then it’s the matter of the artist how he/she would like it to look in their planted tanks!

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